Bandicam Screen Recorder Review and Specifiation.

Don't let the simplicity fool you--there's much more to this app than it appears. This is a powerful program that frees you from the restrictions of being confined to a single monitor. Record anything you see on your PC screen, or just one window or a selected area. You can set up video looping until the recording is stopped, or attach an audio file to the recording if needed. Gain complete control over your screencasts and presentations with Windows Screen Recorder.

What is Bandicam Screen Recorder?

Bandicam (stylized as BANDICAM) is a closed-source screen capture and recording software, originally developed by the Taiwanese company Bandisoft and later Bandicam, which can take screenshots or record screen changes.

Bandicam Screen Recorder Features

Record anything and save it as AVI, MP4 files. Bandicam is the best game, video and screen recording software. It is of high quality and the recorded file size is much smaller (1/20) than those created by other software. Also, Bandicam keeps CPU usage to a minimum. This reduces computer lag and saves hard drive space. The maximum clip size is unlimited as long as there is free space on the local hard drive (more than 24 hours of recording).

Bandicam consists of three modes. One of them is the screen recording mode, which can be used to record specific areas on the PC screen. The other is game recording mode, which can record targets created in DirectX or OpenGL.Last is the device recording mode, which is used to record webcams and HDMI devices.

Bandicam displays an FPS number in the corner of the screen when the DirectX/OpenGL window is in active mode. When the FPS number is displayed in green, the show is ready to record, and when the recording starts, the color of the FPS number changes to red. The software has a maximum frame rate of 144 FPS.

Bandicam is shareware, which means it's free to try with limited functionality (often called crippleware). The free version of Bandicam places its name as a watermark at the top of each recorded video, and each recorded video is limited to 10 minutes in length. [5] However, the user can customize the screen border with the video screen to display the watermark outside the video.

The created video can be saved in AVI or MP4 format. [6] Bandicam can also take screenshots and save them as BMP, PNG, or JPG. [7] Bandicam has an autocomplete capture mode that can limit the video capture process to a specific size or time value

Bandicam Screen Recorder Pricing

Bandicam Screen Recorder starts at $39.95 for a one-time payment. They don't have a free version. Bandicam Screen Recorder offers a free trial. See below for more pricing details.

Bandicm Features

  • Audio Capture
  • Multi-Screen Recording
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Recording
  • YouTube Uploading

How to Download Bandicam Screen Recorder.

Now you can record any activity on your screen and train yourself to work faster and smarter. Bandicam is the first and only screen recorder that can automatically detect the drawn window and capture it into a standard AVI file. If you are a gamer, Bandicam is your best choice! 

You can also download a free trial version at 

Steps to Download Bandicam in Windows 7,8,10.

  1. Click on the download button Above.
  2. It will directly redirect to the Mega download page.
  3. Click on the Download button.

Steps to Install Bandicam in Windows 7,8,10.

  1. Extract the "barimar.net_bandicam_free" Zip file with Winrar software.
  2. USE [ZIP File Password - bandicam]
  3. Open the extracted folder.
  4. Install or Run the Bandicam Setup application file

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